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RDB16905pT2b_mT_gvpC20-T2A-mKO2_pP_rmTol2 transposon expression vector of Planktothrix rubescens gvpC20 and mKO2 marker (C).
RDB15275mKO2-zCdt1(1/190) / pT2KXIGdeltaincdt1zCdt1-based G1 marker for zebrafish cells to label nuclei with orange fluorescent protein mKO2. A component of the zFucci.Danio rerio
RDB15267mKO2-hCdt1(30/120) / pCSII-EFCDT1Lentivirus vector plasmid of Fucci-G1 phase probe. Component of Fucci cell cycle probe.Homo sapiens

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