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BRC No.RBRC00429
TypeWild-derived Inbred
SpeciesMus musculus molossinus
Strain nameMol-KOR7/Stm
Former Common nameM. m. molossinus Kor-7, Mol-KOR7/Stm
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell line
Background strainKOR7 [Mus musculus molossinus]
Appearancewhite-bellied agouti [Aw/Aw]
Strain developmentThe Mol-KOR7 strain was derived from Mus musculus molossinus mice trapped in Kouriyama, Fukushima, Japan in 1988 and maintained by Dr. Yoshifumi Matsushima, Saitama Cancer Center. Mice were deposited to the RIKEN BRC in July 2002. Generation: F36(Stm)+F1F5(Rbrc)
Strain descriptionアグーチ、日本産野生マウス由来、採取地:福島県郡山市、採取年:1991年。 1992 F2 -; SPF(F2)1994
Colony maintenanceSibling mating
ReferencesExp. Anim., 61, 25-33 (2012). 22293669

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Depositor松島 芳文(埼玉県立がんセンター研究所)
Strain Status凍結胚のアイコン凍結胚
Strain Availability凍結胚より作出したマウスを2~4ヶ月以内に提供可能
Additional Info.Click Here for Mouse genomic DNA (RIKEN DNA Bank)
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