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BRC No.RBRC09912
TypeCRISPR/Cas9 (Transgene)Cartagena
SpeciesMus musculus
Strain nameC57BL/6N-Sik3<em3Iiis>
Former Common nameSik3<Flag,Slp>
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell line
Background strainC57BL/6NJcl
Strain developmentDeveloped by Hiromasa Funato and Masashi Yanagisawa, University of Tsukuba. C57BL/6N background. Flag-tag was inserted into RBRC09910 by the CRISPR/Cas9 technology.
Strain descriptionMouse line harboring a Flag-tag inserted into the N terminus of mutated SIK3 found in the Sleepy (Slp) mutant. Heterozygous males and females are prone to be poor breeders.
Colony maintenance
ReferencesNature, 539, 378-383 (2016). 27806374

Health Report

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Gene info
Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
Sik3SIK family kinase 39Sik3<em3Iiis>endonuclease-mediated mutation 3, Masashi Yanagisawa and Hiromasa Funato

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
FLAGFLAG tag (synthetic)9FLAG

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
Frtyeast FRT (flippase recombination target) site9Frt

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
HAhuman influenza virus HA (hemagglutinin) tag sequence9HA


Donor DNApX330-U6-Chimeric_BB-CBh-hSpCas9[human U6 promoter, S. pyogenes gRNA scaffold, human U6 terminator, CMV,chicken hybrid CMV enhancer/chicken beta-actin promotor (CBh), Synthetic DNA 3xFLAG, SV40 nuclear localization signal(NLS), Streptococcus pyogenes SpCas9 (human codon-optimized), bovine GH polyA signal, AAV2 inverted terminal repeat (ITR), f1 phage f1 origin, E. coli Ampicillin resistance gene (AmpR), E. coli pUC origin], mouse Sik3 genomic DNA, Synthetic FLAG tag, Human Influenza HA tag (Hemagglutinin gene), yeast FRT (flipase recombination target) site
Research applicationFLP/frt system
Specific Term and ConditionsIn publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested. Nature, 539, 378-383 (2016).Prior to requesting the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, the RECIPIENT must obtain approval from Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa. The availability of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE is limited to a RECIPIENT of a not-for profit institution for a not-for-profit research.
DepositorDrs. Hiromasa Funato and Masashi Yanagisawa (University of Tsukuba)
Strain Statusan icon for Frozen embryosFrozen embryos
an icon for Frozen spermFrozen sperm
Strain AvailabilityRecovered litters from cryopreserved embryos (2 to 4 months)
Cryopreserved sperm (within 1 month)
Additional Info.Mouse of the Month Mar 2019
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