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BRC No.RBRC09759
TypeTargeted MutationCartagena
SpeciesMus musculus
Strain nameB6.129P2-Chd8<tm2.1Kei>
Former Common nameChd8L KO
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell lineE14 [129P2/OlaHsd]
Background strainC57BL/6JJcl
Strain developmentDeposited by Keiichi Nakayama, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyusyu University in 2016. E14(129P2/OlaHsd) ES cell line was used. C57BL/6 congenic strain.
Strain descriptionChd8l (chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 8 long isoform) knockout mice. Homozygous mutants are lethal. A pair of loxP sites with a neo gene cassette flanking exons 11 to 13, and then these exons were deleted by Cre expression in ES cells. Mouse strain carrying deletion of both long isoform (Chd8l) and short isoform (Chd8s) is available as RBRC09758.
Colony maintenance
ReferencesNature, 537(7622):675-679 (2016). 27602517

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Gene info
Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
Chd8chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 814Chd8<tm2.1Kei>targeted mutation 2.1, Keiichi I Nakayama

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter
loxPphage P1 loxP14loxP


Donor DNABacteriophage P1 LoxP site, mouse Chd8 genomic DNA
Research applicationCre/loxP system
Mouse Models for Human Disease
Specific Term and ConditionsPrior to requesting the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, the RECIPIENT must obtain approval from the DEPOSITOR using the Approval Form. The RECIPIENT agrees to use this BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE as a collaboration with the DEPOSITOR.
DepositorKeiichi Nakayama (Kyushu University)
Strain Statusan icon for Frozen spermFrozen sperm
Strain AvailabilityRecovered litters from cryopreserved sperm (2 to 4 months)
Cryopreserved sperm (within 1 month)
Additional Info.Mouse of the Month Nov 2018
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  2. Order form (Japanese / English)
  3. Category I MTA: MTA for distribution with RIKEN BRC (Japanese / English)
  4. Acceptance of responsibility for living modified organism (Japanese / English)

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