BRC No.RBRC05669
SpeciesMus musculus
Strain nameB6.Cg-Pbwg1/20Nga
Former Common nameB6-Pbwg1/SR20, B6.Cg-Pbwg1(SR20), SR20
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell line
Background strainC57BL/6JJcl
Strain developmentDeveloped by Akira Ishikawa, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Science, Nagoya University in 2012.
Strain descriptionPbwg1 subcongenic strain having a postnatal body weight growth 1 QTL region derived from Mus mucsculus castaneous mice.
Colony maintenanceHomozygote x Homozygote Homozygous mice are viable and fertile.
ReferencesJ. Hered., 100, 501-504 (2009). 19258432
Mamm. Genome, 18, 229-239 (2007). 17514348
BMC Genet., 11:84 (2010). 20860848

Health Report

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Gene info
Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele namePromoter
Pbwg1postnatal body weight growth 12Pbwg1<M. m. castaneus>postnatal body weight growth 1 (SR20)


Donor DNA
Research application
Specific Term and ConditionsIn publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested. Mammalian Genome, 18(4):229-39 (2007), Journal of Heredity 100 (4):501-504 (2009), BMC Genetics, 11:84 (2010).In publishing the research results to be obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, an acknowledgment to the DEPOSITOR is requested. For profit use of the BIOLOGICAL RESSOURCE, the RECIPIENT must contact with the Intellectual Property Office, Nagoya University to obtain a prior written consent.
The availability of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE is limited to a RECIPIENT of a not-for profit organization for a not-for-profit research. The RECIPIENT agrees to use the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE only for scientific research for publishing paper(s). Prior to requesting the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, the RECIPIENT must obtain approval from the DEPOSITOR using the Approval Form. RECIPIENT must contact the DEPOSITOR in the case of application for any patents or commercial use based on the results from the use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE. The RECIPIENT agrees to use this BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE as a collaboration with DEPOSITOR.
DepositorAkira Ishikawa (Nagoya University)
Strain Statusan icon for Frozen spermFrozen sperm
Strain AvailabilityRecovery and QC required prior to distribution
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