BRC No.RBRC05454
TypeTargeted MutationCartagena
SpeciesMus musculus
Strain nameB6;129B6(Cg)-Actb<tm1(tetO-ChR2*C128S/EYFP)Kftnk>
Former Common nametetO-ChR2 KI, B6-tetO-ChR2/YFP KI
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell lineEGR-G01 [129S2 x C57BL/6NCr-Tg(CAG/Acr-EGFP)]
Background strain
Strain developmentDeveloped by Kenji Tanaka and Akihiro Yamanaka, National Institute for Physiological Sciences. (C57BL/6 x 129) F1 ES cells were used. FRT-flanked neo selection cassette was removed by crossing with ROSA-Flpe mice. C57BL/6 and 129 mixed background.
Strain descriptionThe tetO-ChR2 (C128S) cassette was inserted just downstream of the polyadenylation signal of Actb gene. Homozygous mutant mice are embryonic lethal.
Colony maintenanceHeterozygote x Wild-type [C57BL/6JJcl]
ReferencesCell Rep., 2(2):397-406 (2012). 22854021
Nat. Neurosci., 22(5):770-777 (2019). 30988523

Health Report

Examination Date / Room / Rack2020/03/30Room:4-ARack:I


Gene info
Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele namePromoter
Actbactin, beta5Actb <<tm1(tetO-ChR2*C128S/EYFP)Kftnk>>targeted mutation 1, Kenji Tanaka

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele namePromoter
ChR2Chlamydomonas Channelrhodopsin5ChR2E. coli Tetracycline operator, CMV minimal promotor, rabbit Beta globin intron

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele namePromoter
EYFPEnhanced Yellow Fluorescent Protein (Aequorea victoria)5EYFP

Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele namePromoter
SV40 polyA signal5


Donor DNAPhage P1 loxP sites, E. coli Tetracycline operator site, Cytomegalovirus CMV minimum promoter, Rabbit Beta globin intron, Chlamydomonas Channelrhodopsin-2, jellyfish EYFP cDNA, SV40 polyA signal, yeast FRT (flipase recombination target) site, mouse beta actin genomic DNA
Research applicationCre/loxP system
FLP/frt system
Fluorescent Proteins/lacZ System
Tet system
Specific Term and ConditionsIn publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested. Cell Rep., 2(2):397-406 (2012). The availability of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE is limited to a RECIPIENT of a not-for profit institution for a not-for-profit research. Prior to requesting the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, RECIPIENT must inform the DEPOSITOR of his project using the Approval Form. If the
use of this BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE results in scientific publications, the RECIPIENT should cite Kenji F. Tanaka as co-author in the first paper.
DepositorKenji Tanaka (Keio University)
Strain Statusan icon for Live miceLive mice
an icon for Frozen embryosFrozen embryos
an icon for Frozen spermFrozen sperm
Strain AvailabilityCryopreserved sperm (within 1 month)
Cryopreserved embryos (within 1 month)
Live mouse (1 to 3 months)
Additional Info.Genotyping protocol -PCR-
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