BRC No.RBRC00032
TypeRecombinant Inbred
SpeciesMus musculus
Strain nameAKXL-8/Ty
Former Common name
H-2 Haplotype
ES Cell line
Background strainAKXL
Strain developmentSet of 18 recombinant inbred strains. These Recombinant Inbred (RI) Strains were developed and deposited by Benjamin A Taylor, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine. Parental strains are AKR/J and C57L/J. The RI Strain set were transferred to theanimal facility of RIKEN Tsukuba Institute in 1999 just before Ben Taylor's retirement.
Strain descriptionThe Recombinant Inbred Strain between AKR/J and C57L/J. This strain set is useful for the Quantitative Trait Loci mapping, a segregation analysis and a linkage mapping.
Colony maintenance

Health Report

Examination Date / Room / RackNo Data


Gene info
Gene symbolGene nameChr.Allele symbolAllele nameCommon namesPromoter


Donor DNA
Research applicationCancer Research
Genetics Research
Specific Term and ConditionsNo specific terms and conditions. (The DEPOSITOR waives its own rights under any patents, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights with respect to the results to be obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE.)
DepositorBenjamin A. Taylor (The Jackson laboratory)
Strain Statusan icon for Frozen embryosFrozen embryos
Strain AvailabilityRecovered litters from cryopreserved embryos (2 to 4 months)
Cryopreserved embryos (within 1 month)
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